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5 Money Saving Tips This Winter

No one wants to feel doomed over the winter due to skyrocketing heating bill. So what exactly should you do to slice 25 percent off of your energy consumption? Here are 5 smart strategies to grind down your winter energy cost.

  1. Seal your home.

Drafts are experts in making your heating bill rise. Finding drafts and sealing them is a big help in keeping warm air inside your home. You’ll find most of it in the edges of your doors and windows. Applying a sweep and putting a caulk are helpful solutions to retain as much heat inside and prevent cold air from getting in.

  1. Use warm clothes and blanket.

Wear layers of clothes to keep you warm inside your home. T-shirts with pullover sweatshirts and a hoodie on top and some long underwear and a pair of sweat pants can get you through winter comfortably. Cover up with blanket when you’re staying in the couch or in a room. With these adjustments, you can lower the temperature inside by some degrees.

  1. Experiment on low temperature.

Since you’ve been doing changes to keep you warm, why not adjust the temperature lower with every additional change you did with your lifestyle. Say you usually set the temperature at 68, then using those layers of clothes and blankets; you lower it to 65, then try some other procedures and drop the temperature lower. Make it your goal to try things that will tolerate lower temperature.

  1. Run the ceiling fans clockwise.

In a typical room setting, warm air rises and gathers near the ceiling fans. Running it in a slow, clockwise direction can lessen the energy consumed and pushes warm air to the sides of the rooms and into the walls, raising the temperature as much as 5 degrees. You can also try flipping the fan switch to “winter” mode.

  1. Take advantage of natural heat.

Closed blinds are good in keeping warm air inside however, if your window is directly heat by sun rays, you may want to open the blinds. Make use of this free heat to warm your home. If the sun is covered with clouds or it’s already on the other side, close blinds to insulate your home and keep warm air.

Find yourself in the situation with both great comfort and low heating bill this winter season. More winter saving tips? Consult the experts at Airview A/C today.