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6 Common HVAC Problems

Your HVAC equipment is one of the most important systems to create a cool and comfortable living or working environment. Unfortunately, your heating and air conditioning units are not invincible. Due to several factors, your unit can break down any time. Here’s a list of common HVAC problems that can help you make better decision for your home comfort needs.

  1. Uneven Temperature & Air Flow

It’s so easy to get irritated when you found out that some rooms in your living space are way colder than the others. While the problem is mostly on the HVAC system, there are some times that it’s not HVAC related. It’s a good idea to check for holes and cracks on your doorways and windowsills. Inspect ducts and vents for debris and blockages. If DIY task doesn’t work, tap an expert technician right away.

  1. Broken Thermostat

Sometimes, HVAC issues are not in hardware of the unit, but in the thermostat. Local technicians help homeowners by fixing defective wiring behind their thermostat. When necessary, the contractor will also reinstall a new thermostat and calibrate it to the heating system.

  1. Faulty Heat Pump

Icy winds and chilly snowfalls can damage exterior heat pumps and can cause a weighty effect on their efficiency.  As a smart HVAC owner, be aware that these heating systems can experience a couple of ills such as coil blockage and broken fan motors. During winter, rid the fan and coils of frost to keep your heat pump functioning smoothly.

  1. Dirty Filters

When your systems are overused, dirt, debris, and dust can clog the filters. Usually, this blockage leads to poor airflow, which can subsequently decrease warmth in your home. Unluckily, average homeowners may not know the reason why less air is circulating throughout their rooms.

  1. Frozen Pipes

Certain HVAC parts like coils and pipes can freeze and cease to operate properly due to several reasons like temperature decrease. Hydronic units like steam radiators and water heaters can break down as frozen water halts flowing through the pipe. Furthermore, pressure buildup can also be the culprit behind faulty frozen pipes. In situations like these, it’s best to hire an expert contractor in your area.

  1. Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Sure thing, you do everything you can to keep your home safe and comfortable during the season. However, you may not know the risks of carbon monoxide.  Carbon monoxide is a harmful gas that is impossible to notice because of its tasteless and odorless state. Leaks occur when the heat exchanger cracks within your heater. Furthermore, improper ventilation can block these harmful gases from escaping the home. For your peace of mind, bring in a professional HVAC contractor to inspect your home for carbon monoxide leaks.