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Excess Moisture and How It Hurts Your Home

Winter makes the environment inside and out of your home chillier. To fight the cold, most homeowners would turn their thermostat in the highest possible setting to satisfy the warmth. But be extra careful, it can also turn the humidity excessively high.

Humidity doesn’t really much affect the temperature although we tend to feel warmer with high moisture level. Too much of it, however, can cause damage to your health and property and you might end up needing an instant home dehumidifier installation first thing in the morning.

Does Excess Moisture Really Harm My Home?

Yes it does! The negative effects of high humidity start from poor comfort, musty smell and health risks. Here is a list of what might happen when humidity increases above normal level.

  • Health problems. Too high humidity can interfere with the body’s natural mechanism of thermoregulation hindering fast and easy evaporation of body sweats. It can also trigger asthma and breathing difficulties even for healthy members of the family.
  • Presence of molds and bugs. A home with too high moisture level is a breeding ground for molds and bugs. Mold formation in the corners and ceilings can give your home a musty smell. Too warm and moist environment is also suitable for bed bugs and other pests which bring trouble especially at night.
  • Electronic damages. Moisture is the number one cause of corroded electrical contacts and poor insulation resistance. Condensation also can result to short circuits and other electrical damages.
  • Wood deformation. Even at the present time, wood is still one of the mostly used construction material for homes. Unfortunately, woods are at greater risk when humidity is too high. It causes the surface to deform and due to the presence of decay fungi, woods will likely to deteriorate.

Why You Should Add a Dehumidifier to Your Home

The best way to combat very high humidity level in homes is through a professional installation of a whole house dehumidifier in your HVAC system. This will not just help maintain the right comfort for your home but also helps in reducing your energy consumption.

Adding humidifier also improve indoor air quality, reducing the occurrence of molds and other pests that thrive in places with high moisture, and lessen the chance of system wear and tear.

Is extra moisture becoming an issue in your home? Contact the professionals at Airview A/C to bring your home humidity level back to normal.