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How To Know If Your Indoor Air Quality Is Bad

Many homeowners are not aware that the air inside their home is already harming their health until they began to experience short and long-term symptoms caused by poor indoor air quality. To help you out, here are some important tricks in identifying the quality of air you’re breathing inside your home.

  • Pay attention to your allergies. The changing of season or weather pattern can be the cause of your allergy but most of the time; it’s the air pollutants inside your home. These include dusts, pollen, and high concentration of contaminants from the different home products you. When allergy symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and headaches start when you enter your home, and disappears shortly when you leave, this is an indication of poor indoor air quality.
  • Check home improvements and repair. Be sure to inspect your home for needed repairs and improvements. If you have renovated a part of your house or have painted a certain area, the chemicals in the products you used is circulated in the air by your HVAC system. Be sure to clean the area after completing the project and have an immediate air filter change. Purchasing an air purifier is also a good idea.
  • Watch out for unusual symptoms. Your usual headache and coughing may seem just part of your allergy case but if you feel some unusual symptoms such as vomiting, rashes, hearing loss and shortness of breath, you may be dealing with more extreme contaminants in the air. These are probably caused by very high concentration of toxic chemicals in your indoor air which include asbestos and toxic mild spores. Call a professional’s help immediately.
  • Check your surrounding environment. Be extra mindful of what’s happening in your neighborhood. Sometimes, the cause of poor indoor air quality is from a construction or renovation area near your home, or your neighborhood might have painted their house and sprayed insecticides. The chemicals can reach and enter your home and pollute the air. It is important to note the activities in the surroundings to identify the cause and give the right solution for your IAQ problem.

Whatever the cause is, you need to seek an expert’s advice to have your IAQ issue done completely and properly. This is when you need the professionals at Airview A/C.