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Know When To Replace Your Gas Furnace

How do you know if it’s time to replace your gas furnace? There are signs! Here are 5 of the most common indications that you need to invest in a new gas furnace.

Your furnace is nearing its retirement age.

In any HVAC system, age matters. Just like you, HVAC systems including your furnace becoming less efficient and more prone to problems when constantly used for a long time.  If you’ve been using your gas furnace for almost or more than 15 years now, it can be a subject for replacement. It’s not an assurance that your unit is still usable. You might just be surprised of its sudden breakdown.

You’re having a monthly rise in your heating bill.

When your gas furnace becomes inefficient, you’ll notice the effect on your heating bill. Keep records of your monthly bill and check the flow of your payment. If you notice a constant rise in your heating bill, your gas furnace is no longer as effective as the first time you bought it. This normally happens when systems come to age or it is not properly maintained. This can be a sign that you need replacement.

Your gas furnace is facing constant repairs.

Are you having regular repair schedules for your gas furnace? That can be an indication for replacement. Replacement cost is indeed higher but as compared to the continuous repair expenses, it probably is the better choice. Repairs reduce the efficiency of your gas furnace and will not assure you of good performance in the long run. If this is the case, you might just let go of it.

There is uneven temperature inside your home.

Walk around your home and check for uneven temperature. If there is, try adjusting the thermostat. If the problem remains unsolved, it might be that the gas furnace is failing and it can no longer distribute proper heating inside your home. You might want to consider shopping for a new one while it’s still usable to prevent getting surprised if it suddenly breaks down.

If these signs become noticeable in your gas furnaces, take heed and start shopping for replacements because you might just end up doing it sooner or later.

For better analysis on the situation of your furnace, call the licensed technician at Airview AC. We’ll inspect your furnace, make proper repairs, and even give you friendly suggestions for your next purchase.