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Telltale Signs That You Need Furnace Replacement

Are you wondering whether or not it’s high time to replace your furnace? To help you decide, you should know that the telltale signs indicating that your heating equipment has already completed its serving years. Here are 5 signs that you already need a new furnace.

Your Furnace Reached its Retirement Age

The average lifespan of a natural gas or oil furnace is 16- 20 years old. If your heating system is drawing up to this age or is already older, then you can start browsing furnace products. According to the Department of Energy, it’s a good idea to swap out your heating equipment at its 20-year service mark.

However, the life expectancy of a furnace can be affected by how a contractor services it. Hence, if you want a higher lifespan of your unit, schedule a yearly maintenance with a trusted local HVAC contractor in your area. One good reason to sign up for annual maintenance is to prevent your factory warranty from being voided.

High Energy Costs

Do you notice a significant upsurge in your energy bills? Act promptly. Time comes that your furnace loses its efficiency, especially without proper maintenance. One quick trick you can do to improve the efficiency of your unit is to replace your air filters every three months. If you are not OK with DIY filter replacement, you can call on a reputed HVAC specialist.

Frequent Repairs

Don’t assume that frequent repairs performed on your furnace are normal. If your heating system already needs frequent repairs more than necessary, then starting shopping for a new unit. If you keep it longer, the repair cost will eventually add up. Simply put, replacing your old furnace with a new unit can save you in the long run.

When buying furnaces, experts recommend homeowners to go for furnaces with 95-98 percent Energy Star rating. Getting a highly efficient will undoubtedly reduce your energy bills. Also, don’t forget this one thing: look for a highly qualified installer to set up your new furnace.

Uneven Temperatures

Do you notice that some rooms in your home are too cold while the others are dang hot? Or do you keep on adjusting your thermostat to make your home more comfortable but it still disappoints you? If so, it’s a sign that you already need a new furnace. Conversely, if you think that your heating cost skyrocketed up after a year, replacing your old unit with a more efficient furnace is an economical option.
Strange Noise, Hums, or Buzzes

If your heating equipment annoys you with strange noise, hums, or rattles, then there’s something wrong with. But it’s something that a repairman can’t tackle. For extreme noises and buzzes, a practical option is to replace your furnace with a new one.

When deciding between repair and replacement, don’t be ripped off by pushy contractors. You better bring in a trustworthy contractor to perform a thorough inspection of your system to find out if replacement is the best option you’ve got.