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Tips to Use your HVAC Unit to Alleviate Allergies

Temperatures are rising, flowers are blooming—signs that the spring is in full swing. Unluckily, the spring season brings one bad news for many homeowners- allergy problem. The spring season can be a scary experience giving sinus headaches, sneezing and allergies to many homeowners. Luckily, there are several ways to combat indoor allergies with the help of your AC.

Invest in the right type of filter.

Be sure to use a highly efficient HVAC filter. There are different types of HVAC filters, and choosing the right one goes a long way to help you fight indoor allergens this season. High efficiency particulate filters are pretty taxing on an average AC, but they produce very clean air. Talk to a trusted HVAC specialist to know which type of HVAC filter fits your home.

Replace your filter frequently.

HVAC filters get clogged and dirty at times. It’s best to swap them out at least once every three months, though families struggling with allergy problems may do it sooner. For homeowners with pets, replacing their filters frequently is recommended.

Clean the registers and vents.

Your vents can get dirty after time, and your AC may circulate the specs of dirty and dust all throughout your indoor space. By using a microfiber dust cloth or a wet rag, clean the vents gently without knocking particles into the indoor air.

Sign up for regular HVAC maintenance.

Scheduling an HVAC tune-up regularly is important to ensure that your unit is up and running all year round. At the same time, it also helps keep indoor allergens at bay during spring and other seasons. For positive results, sign up for HVAC tune-up twice a year- in spring and in fall.

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