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5 Signs That Your AC Needs Repair

If your air conditioning system is not keeping you cool during the hot season, you might need to repair or replace it. Homeowners do not realize that their AC systems need repair unless it’s too late. Here we’ve listed 5 signs for you to know when to call a repair technician for your air conditioning system.

      1.  The air conditioning system is not giving you cool air.

It’s a big frustration when your AC is not giving you the cool air you need for summer. When heat persists in your home even when your air conditioning system is on, there might be something wrong with your unit.  This won’t get better unless you do something about it. Do not hesitate to contact a local AC repair company to help you out.

      2.  There is a foul smell coming from your AC unit.

When you smell something musty and burning on your AC unit, call a technician right away. There might be mold growth in your central air unit which allows for the musty odor. Or, the burn must have come from burnt wire insulation. This is not a simple problem since it might cause serious problems on your unit and may harm your safety as well. Let an HVAC specialist check the system right away.

       3.  You cooling bills have skyrocketed.

You will notice an increase on your energy bill when your cooling system is doubling its effort in cooling your home. Your air conditioning system might be broken, causing it to work harder thus giving you a rise on your cooling bill. Be attentive to this sign and call a professional contractor to diagnose your system and provide the necessary repair.

       4.  Your AC produces strange sounds.

There are usual noises that your air conditioning systems make. If your unit is making grating and squealing sounds which get louder than usual,  your AC system probably needs repair. Call an HVAC contractor for a professional diagnosis. This problem may not just lead to inconvenience, but can also cause a total replacement of your unit.

        5.  There are leaks coming from your AC unit.

Refrigerants are dangerous to your family’s health. If you notice some leaks in your system, it is likely that the refrigerants are coming out. It’s a serious problem and should be given attention as soon as possible. It could be because of a clogged drain tube. Any of these leaks need repair.

It is important to have a regular AC check up to catch minor issues before they escalate to bigger problems. Airview AC is the costumer’s choice for all HVAC installation, repairs, maintenance and other services in McKinney, Prosper, and Celina Areas.