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HVAC Don’ts: Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Today, keeping a comfortable home has become one of the major concerns among many homeowners and business establishments. Great thing,  modern HVAC systems offer improved efficiency and comfort both for residential and commercial customers.

Unluckily, whether it’s due to improper handling, DIY fixes, or just simply ignoring things, most HVAC owners commit mistakes along the way. These mistakes may not only cost you money, but they could also cost the health of your employee or family residing in your property.

Here are common HVAC mistakes you should avoid:

Installing Thermostat On Your Own

Installing programmable thermostat is a great way to save energy as it offers more control over your equipment’s cooling and heating functions. However, when it comes to installation, one must have the skills and knowledge to do the job properly to avoid untoward accident or further damages. It’s best to look for professional heating and cooling contractors since they have the right skill-set, knowledge and tools to do the job.

Ignoring Filter Changes

A clogged and dirty filter can affect the condition and efficiency of your furnace, and worst, can damage your system. To keep your unit in tip top shape, it is advisable to change filters every three months as specified by the manufacturer. Changing these filters needs a little care since it is comprised of delicate part that could break if not handled appropriately. For this reason, it is important to hire a qualified HVAC contractor to replace your HVAC filter.

Skipping Maintenance

Every year, your HVAC unit must undergo yearly maintenance to extend its life. Whether it has minor damage or still working properly as it may seem, you can never say that it is free from any faults from the inside. A yearly maintenance is important, and there is no greater way to do this but to call for the expert help of your local heating and cooling contractor. Your hired HVAC professional can spot minor issues before they lead to bigger and expensive problems.

Be a smart HVAC owner. Avoid these tips and you can have peace of mind knowing that your heating and cooling unit is in good shape.